The scientific revolution of the last 500 years has produced some incredible breakthroughs. Our quality of life has improved dramatically. Unfortunately, with it came a worldview that has left many of us feeling alone and yearning for a higher purpose.

Modern science tells us that we are insignificant actors in a universe that is governed by laws of nature that are beyond our control. We have control of our bodies to a limited extent through our brain. We may affect the world, including other people, with our actions or words. But that’s as far as our influence goes.

Science is based on materialism, the idea that matter is the fundamental substance of reality. Everything we are, so we are told, is built up from interacting particles. Who is to argue with the scientists about what is real? It’s what they do, and their countless successes prove that they are right.

There is an alternative. Idealism is the idea that thoughts or ideas are what form our reality. This is our worldview. And we can prove to you that it works.

Our partner site,, presents our worldview in a scientifically rigorous way. Here, we will take a less formal approach.

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