Be Yourself

Be yourself. That’s what the universe keeps saying to me. Every. Single. Day. I guess I might want to listen.

So what does it mean to “be yourself”? That one is easy:

“Find the light within you and let it shine.”

So then how can we find this light? And how can we let it shine? That one’s easy, too:

“Hope will always guide you.”

The light within you, that spark of Divine light, is always trying to reach you. You can block it with negative thoughts, for a while. But eventually it will find its way through and cast a ray of hope into your mind. When you can let it flow freely, it feels good.

When you feel the warm glow of sunshine on your skin, it is the light within you flowing through you, projected outward and shining back at you, providing a constant source of warmth and comfort.

When you admire the beauty of nature and its vibrant colours, it is your own beauty and grace projected outward and shining back at you.

When you watch your pets, they are your own innocence and playfulness projected outward and shining back at you.

Sometimes we go searching for our “life purpose” as if it’s our personal Holy Grail that will forever after give us happiness and fulfillment. Often however, it is a misguided quest to prove our worthiness. We look at it as that one thing that will convince us, maybe, that we are worthy. If we get it right. If we do it well enough.

Our worthiness is a given. It does not require proof. We were born worthy and we will die worthy. Existence is its own justification.

There’s a reason some things feel good and others feel bad. There’s a reason you feel inclined one way and not another.

Your attributes, your likes and dislikes, your propensities and aversions were given to you for a reason. They are what make you unique as an individual. Your life purpose as an individual is to learn, to play and to explore what it’s like to be human from this unique perspective.

By doing what makes you happy, by following your bliss, you automatically fulfill your life purpose. What benefits you will automatically benefit others. It was setup that way.

So accept yourself, all of yourself, good and so-called bad. Let your feelings guide you and embrace what brings you joy.

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